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The Boy In Winter's Grasp

It is Christmas 1914. As Europe descends further into the Great War, Christopher Flyte is sent home in disgrace from his school. He returns to the sleepy English village of Alton. There he meets the mysterious traveller, Bailey - a master storyteller who fills the boy's head with stories of King Arthur's time. The more Christopher hears, the more he suspects that Bailey's stories are not just simple myths. Soon, Christopher is a pawn in a game that has been playing out for centuries....

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Here's what others have said about  "The Boy in Winter's Grasp".

An excellent, gripping read.

An extraordinary story, both heartwarming and chilling at the same time. I was engrossed from the get-go; a magical start set in a recognisable past, that meanders into myths and legends, brought to life in an original fantasy world.

A variety of real female characters who are not pathetic, weak and in need of saving.

Blow me down if I wasn't gripped by this from the very start. I even caught the bus to work one day rather than driving, just so I could continue reading.

A truly compelling read. Lovers of Diana Wynne Jones, Neil Gaiman, Phillip Pullman and their ilk will take a great deal of pleasure from this finely crafted and dark fantasy.

Basing fantasy adventure stories around the Arthurian legends is nothing new. Nor is setting them in wartime. What is different is mixing them both together, into a big book with a big story.

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