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When I was a boy, no more perhaps than seven or eight, I had the opportunity to go camping with my cub group. On the second day, I found myself caught short at lunch time. I made my way from the large tent where we all sat to eat, through driving rain (a typical July in England) and across the field to the little tent-cubicles that held the portable toilets. Once safely zipped into the toilet tent I sat down to get on with the job at hand. I began to contemplate the questions that occupy the mind of an eight-year-old, glad to be out of the wet and windy weather.

Had I more experience with camping, perhaps it would have occurred to me that tent pegs can loosen in very wet weather. It may also have occurred that toilet tents are at best flimsy affairs and that the gusts of wind blowing across the games field were probably hitting ten on the Beaufort scale. However, it’s only been in latter years that I have come to love the great outdoors. At the time, it was simply a weekend to be endured so I could get home and curl up with a book. So when the tent blew away, leaving me sitting, little grey shorts and pants (that likely had my name sewn into them) hanging down by my skinny ankles, I was more shocked than embarrassed.

When the thirty or so cub scouts sitting in the eating tent and looking out across the field began to point and titter with increasing volume, then the embarrassment did kick in. Yet I did learn two valuable lessons from the experience. The first; very little will put a cub scout off his lunch, and the second; if people are going to laugh at you, you should try your best to make it because you want them to.

Of the tens of thousands of things that have formed me, this is the one I have chosen to tell you about, but then an “about me” page is pointless on a personal blog. If you are good enough to take the time to read my blog, I suspect you will find out a great deal more. Most of which will be in no way related to cub scouts.

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Posted by John on Jan 9, 2016
Last year I wrote a blog article about the remote places I write in.  As I said there, I really struggle to write at home, mainly because the office at home is for my business rather than my writing career.  I really struggle not to check emails, surf the web and do the sorts of things I do when I am wearing my web developer hat.  Hence, I like to rent a cottage in the middle of no-where, ideally without phone reception or broadband access, and work there.  ..

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Reviewed in Books on Mar 8, 2016 by John
I’m not usually a fan of crime fiction.  Or at least it’s not my ‘go to’ choice when deciding what I am going to read.  Apart from a few Inspector Morse novels when I was younger and the inevitable John Grisham thriller (is that even crime?) I haven’t felt the urge to read them.  I also tend to shy away from crime TV unless it has something else that really grabs me (a period piece, Oxford, that sort of thing).  So I approached Penny Grubb’s ‘Like False Money’ with just a little trepidation. ..
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